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Hot Russian independent blonde escorts in Mumbai. (Now have some pleasure from outside India).

Mumbai independent escorts provides you the better option for your enjoyment in every possible way also there is a passion to make your mood more happy and younger after you will take the service from our girls.

Yes we have all the option of making a person mad to them, they are beautiful, smart , young and talented and gorgeous also they have beauty of present themselves in more better way.

We have whole options of escorts with us like we have cool celebrity escorts, we have sexy house wife escorts and we have gorgeous airhostess escorts. You can choose according to your needs and desires. Also we are one more category of independent escorts in Mumbai, we have list of hot and happening Russian call girls. with us which will give you the pleasure of beautiful nights and also we are such nice Russian escorts in India who have the talent to giving immunize pleasure to their clients.

One of the famous Russian escorts we have is luela who is from Russia and connected to us from last two years. Luela comes India for studies and for the modeling as she has the perfect figure and perfect height, people love to watching her again and again.

Luela is the famous hot call girl in Mumbai also works in modeling girl, she is 22 yrs old and her height is 5’7 and her weight is 56. According to luela she is the most hot call girl of whole town. Because of her sexy abs and sexy figure people always use to stare and touch her so that she love the touches of men and that’s why she choose only male crowd.

About me:

My name is leela a famous call girl from Russia. I am living in Mumbai this time and enjoying my life in Mumbai. I am an independent Russian Call Girl in Mumbai. I love this place because of independence and growing career. Here you have all the options to grow faster and any kind of option you can choose here freely either its right or wrong. I also want to be richer at a very small amount of time and that is why I am in this field also I feel this field is perfect for me because I have nature of meeting new people and to enjoy with them. About my personality I can assure you that you will never be dissatisfied by me because of my high figure and sexy slim look. I am hot and elegant and of fresh and charming personality. I am very intelligent and very well known of a guy wishes also known for tough jobs love to travel ancient places in India. So many places in India have the history which connects the culture of India and Russia and therefore I love to visit them and to know the story behind them.

I had spent lot of time in India around two years and I went so many places in India to visit and I always talk to my family about India that how much wonderful this place is this and how much wonderful here the persons are.

My passion is to travelling the world and I like Indian food most. I want to travel each places of India and to taste every varieties of food in India. I love Indian people because they are kind hearted and give respect to others. So many call girls in Mumbai are my friends which are also in the same profession and also love to help others. We are very understanding and caring so that my clients were very happy from us because through this it s easy to make relation between two and to enjoy the company.

My personality:

As I am not an Indian my skin tone and my personality is also different from Indian call girls have very fair skin tone, I have deep brown eyes, long face and long brown hair. I m very long in height, I have toned long legs and sexy belly which is the most sexiest in my body also I am a professional dancer, I know all the sexy moves and also the famous dance steps of Russia. I m pursuing my internship in Russia and that’s why I love this place and after my internship I decided to live here, therefore I trying to learn Indian language and more about India.

I have very less friends therefore I am in this profession because inn this profession you will know after rich Indian guys who have lots of money and gives you beautiful presents and also take you to the beautiful destinations. Through this profession I have so many friends to whom I love to spend time, for traveling, for time pass and for cuddling, I am be with them for some quality time for me and for them also. Hot call girls in Mumbai have so many options to make fun and love and also they enjoy their life with full passion.

A UN Indian flavor:

As I know Indians guys loves hot chicks, sexy visitors, and very fair girl, they continuously stare on them as they are special to them. So, I will give you a UN Indian flavor in an Indian style. This combination will surely be superficial because of special in them. I can do all the talk in India and also I am fluent in English. So you will get a Russian hot call girl at an affordable price also you can share me with two of your friends. I am very killer in bed also know every moves how to drive a man crazy. I have all the idea making people crazy over me to look them as a way s that they become more fantasize about me. I m very romantic in bed and you can take me for any act if you love to perform , I am never to be shy to perform any kind of act in the love making session also I can do every kind of activities in the intercourse.

Choose the best one:

As you know we have so much in market that are in the same business but Mumbai independent Mumbai Russian Escorts is the safest and the finest among all others because we only choose the educated and professional girls who never say no to their clients moreover they are happy and satisfy in this profession. We only provide our service to the three and five stars hotels of Mumbai and also we are looking forward to take us to the private parties, fun, private meetings and farm houses. Also we provide you the best call girls in Mumbai of every aged girl whom you want to take with you. These independent escorts are ready for inn and out stations in Mumbai or in nearby Mumbai places. Russian independent escorts are also in for going outside country for two to three days freely just you have to do is, you have to pay the charges of 50% of their convenience. For more details about Russian call girls in Mumbai, you can contact to the number or the link given. .